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Pre-Academy, Academy and Academy Master

Each tier combines a mixture of Ball Mastery, Receiving & Turning, Attacking Moves, Goal Scoring, Speed & Agility and Tactical Decisions, as well Position-Specific Attributes in order to transform you into the ultimate master player.

ball mastery


Ball mastery lays the foundation of success. Wrapped up as bold and imaginative skills, beneath the surface Ball Mastery is integral to the technical development of every player, instilling balance and control.

receiving and passing


Focusing more on game day scenarios, Receiving and Turning is all about the initial first touch of the ball, encouraging quick, decisive passing, vision, and spatial awareness.

attacking moves


A player knows how to press forward and attack, and how to defend. A master knows when to switch between the two instantly. Attacking Moves focuses on teaching this skill, and using Ball Mastery in 1v1 settings.

goal scoring


Goal Scoring concentrates on the fearless finishing that is essential to becoming a master player. Use your skills to outwit the opponent, score the goal and win the game.

speed and agility


Boost your fitness level as well as determination with and without the ball through Speed and Agility training. Changes of direction, dynamic movements and athleticism will improve your acceleration and performance.

tactical decisions


Tactical Decisions centres around the ability to think under pressure. Become assertive and independently able to make quick, composed decisions that will elevate your game day thinking.

Football has changed a lot since I was a player in the 1970’s alongside the likes of Bobby Moore, Harry Redknapp and Frank Lampard. The one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of sound technique. 40 years later the young footballers in the West Ham United Academy are practising their skills using the 1st class Technical Soccer Coaching programme.
Paul Heffer
West Ham United FC

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